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EAA Chapter One Beginnings

In 1952, Ray Stits requested that EAA permit chapters to be formed. This permission required the changing of the EAA Bylaws to permit chapters.In December, 1952, this permission was granted.

The first orgainizational meeting of Chapter One was in January 1953.  

  • Our Founder was Ray Stits of Polyfiber fame who was president along with charter members:
    • Colen Cameron vice pesident
    • Ed Schnepf Secretary-Treasurer
    • Aronald Cole
    • Lester Cole
    • Dean Cole
    • Frank Smith
    • Clayton Stephens
    • Flavio Madariaga, airport owner
    • Wayn Carlson
    • Jon Carlson

We are the largest and oldest EAA Chapter in the world and growing daily.  Flabob and EAA Chapter One boast a rich history in homebuilding and experimental aircraft.

Refeence: THIS IS EAA, by Duane Cole, Ken Cook Transnational, Milwaukee, WI, pp 30-31, 1972




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